“A 24-week program open to any groups of different business people with a common goal.”

Customised training program for groups of business people with a common goal. 


You may all work in different and diverse roles with different backgrounds, but when you come together, you share the same vision and desires to grow and gain a better understanding of what success means, and creating a roadmap to get there.


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I have known Reem for some time, and over the years, I have watched her develop and grow teams that started off being fragmented into teams full of energy, drive, and working collegially together. Reem also helps create a strong sense of purpose. She understands what it takes to create a unified vision that inspires all. More importantly, she develops simple processes, systems, and training to ensure effective execution and follow-through actions.

So, when it came to starting my own business, I knew that I wanted to work closely with Reem. I wanted her help with my goals, my plans for growth, and the expansion of my new business. As Reem often says, “Every coach needs a coach for continued growth and success in self and business” I knew that I would love her to be my coach, and I wanted to find out what system she used to help people and businesses perform at their best.

Suzanne Privot


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