The thing about dreaming is that it is often confused with idealisation, as something we perceive to be unachievable.

I am asking you to ignore the distraction of confusing modern-day miracle-type concepts or solutions and be open to manifest what you once dreamt of.

Dreams do come true, but it takes work. Look beyond the disappointment of not getting the results you want immediately. Remember the reason you started "dreaming" in the first place.

Tell yourself, "I can do this" each one of us has the potential to elevate the quality of our life and achieve all that we desire.

Most people fail because they stopped before they even started, so first, believe in yourself, and the rest will follow.




For individuals who want to be exceptional and grow beyond their expectations.

Even as an adult, you keep asking: “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

For corporate leaders and business owners aiming to leave behind old unproductive patterns, and create new pathways towards meaningful growth, purpose, and fulfillment.



Everything between where you are now and your goal is you.

It is a journey of learning how to use your head and heart to unlock and access your unlimited potential and abilities, that we all have deep inside. 

To create a balance between focus and flow, shaping a very deliberate and conscious path of action and achieve the results you desire.



Here is where change happens. Every step and action that takes you closer to your goal is a success. With Dreem Coaching and Consulting, we use a combination of professional leadership strategies and personal development approaches tailored specifically to your needs.

Reem advises business owners and career-minded individuals on how to grow beyond their expectations and impact change to live a purposeful life designed and run by themselves.

Meet Reem


Before there was Dreem, there was Reem.

She embodies the simplicity that lies beneath the complexity.

Reem’s superpower is the ability to break down seemingly complex ideas into simple structures. These structures can then be approached one at a time, creating an effortless flow that is easy to follow.

Reem believes that any complex system can be simplified, broken down into individual components, and built again in the most straightforward way.

Reem is the bridge between your dreams and reality.

Dreams often lack direction, and Reem will be your compass to guide you on the right path towards achieving the results you desire. Reem hopes to inspire the meaningful growth of individuals and companies and contribute to the development of a society where more people and groups feel successful and fulfilled.

Awarded Australia's Best Corporate Trainer 2020, a renowned speaker, coach, and mentor with over two decades of experience developing high-level executives, teams, and individuals across Sales, marketing and training roles. Reem’s background is predominantly in the Pharmaceutical Industry and senior Leadership Roles before launching her own business with Dreem Coaching and Consulting. 

Reem is a highly sought-after coach, offering a more wholesome approach to managing business goals, a delicate combination of mindful and practical action to release a person's full potential.

“Every action, thought and feeling is motivated by an intention and that intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect”

Gary Zukav

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