The essence of Dreem Coaching and Consulting is to be a guiding current, a push in the right direction. 

We provide our clients with the structure they need to make that vital progress towards a meaningful purpose.  

With a clear goal in sight, our Dreem client can design their pathway to growth and success. Leaving behind the cumbersome undercurrents that held them back.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined”

Henry David Thereau


The framework of coaching is universal. However, the mastery is in the execution.  

At Dreem, we offer coaching programs designed to meet your needs. 

Look into which one suits you best and start dreaming of the next step towards your personal and professional transformation.

Executive Coaching

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Corporate Coaching

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Group Coaching

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Reem is a renowned and beautifully articulate public speaker who offers her time on request.

It's an engaging and insightful communication style that includes key messaging throughout the presentation.

Leaving the audience highly motivated and committed to succeed.

Key Benefits



At Dreem, we can custom-build workshops that help your business at any stage of its lifecycle.

Here are a few examples of workshops we have done in the past:

Available for

Tradeshows   |   Conferences   |   Off site meetings   |   Industry Events 


The New Lead the Field
Coaching Program

This 120-day program is for those serious about taking ‘self’ ownership of their personal growth and development. 

For four months, you will become more prosperous, enjoy more freedom and experience deeper meaningful relationships.

Through an award-winning personal development series of recordings that explain how and why universal laws govern your life, your success will have no choice but to accelerate. 

With these 12 dynamic lessons, including action planner, audios, and 24 videos, you will journey deep into the spiritual aspects of successful living.



Masterminds are for those leaders looking for a sacred space to grow and learn from like-minded individuals to take their success to the next level.

You will work together with other extraordinary top performers like yourself who also want to move mountains of accomplishment.

Groups are limited to 6-10 participants who will meet every two weeks, in the meantime staying connected via Whatsapp to share resources and help each other grow through the process.


How to get started

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