“A 24 week, customised, one-on-one training program for business owners or executives leading teams.”


Executive coaching is a customised program for those business owners or executives looking to scale up and enhance their success as a leader. 

Here is where you will break down your process to its smallest common denominator and build from what you already know. 

You might be asking yourself: "Ok, I have come this far. Where can I go now, and what's my strategy to get there?"

Reem is here to guide you through this journey and put you on the path to success.

Every successful person in the world needs a coach. 

This 1:1 coaching is based on an organisational leadership framework for those executives who want to delve into their knowledge and resources and access their ultimate potential as a leader.

Key Benefits

Find calmness of mind
and speed of action

Become an effective
decision maker

Focus on achieving personal,
career and leadership goals

Create a custom plan:
a 'roadmap' to the goals

Discover and practice new leadership
skills and mindset tools

Resolve situational roadblocks
that may emerge along the way.

Working with Reem and Dreem Consulting has reinforced my dream of not only owning a successful business but growing it to truly create an impact on the world.

I love watching my team grow, evolve and the attitude that everyone has to being better and caring about what they do. Reem has a way with words that brings calmness of mind so that creativity evolves naturally and logically. I love how I feel after every meeting with Reem.

If you have the opportunity to invest in your dreams, I highly recommend working with Reem Borrows and the team at Dreem Consulting.



My journey with Reem can only be described as pure enlightenment. It only took a few minutes of her presence to gain clarity about my next steps as a leader.

I have been able to see the influence of the process improving my personal balance, every session feels like a spa therapy for my mind and soul.

Dreems' consulting is the best gift a company can give to it's leaders and team members.



How to get started

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