How to achieve your goals without all the hard work

life goals Nov 19, 2021

Reem emigrated to Australia with her family when she was nearly 14, an intimidating and lonely experience that taught her a lot.  She quickly learnt,  if you have a dream and you focus on it, you can achieve anything.


From a young age Reem always dreamt big, she knew she wanted more, to achieve more, to accomplish her goals. But, getting there wasn't always a clear or obvious path. 


When she entered the workforce after her Postgrad degree, swapping and changing between jobs, feeling lost, she knew she wanted so much but was achieving nothing, and had little to show for it.


We asked her a couple of questions to get to the bottom of the what and how she achieved everything she has done so far.


Q1. What is your vision and approach?


To help people realise that they can get whatever they want, can have whatever they want and grow in whatever way they want to - without all the “hardship” and emotional turmoil that we believe comes with following your dreams and achieving goals.


People often live in fear and let it control them, this leads us to stop before we even start.


Reem wants to help people become aware that it doesn't have to be that way, if you let go of fear and the ego, everything is possible. This takes understanding of the belief system you have and practicing daily to see things from a different angle.


Her approach to accomplishing life and work goals is to break those goals down to the lowest common denominator.  When you do this you will understand what your business, life and relationships really mean to you, and this enables you to laser like focus on your goals.


Results are inevitable and even more rewarding when led by purpose


Q2. How did you come up with this approach


It took over 2 decades in the making to come up with, through a process of elimination, through learning, trial and error.


Reem started by asking herself ‘What do successful people do to get where they want to get’?


Her vision and approach became clear - focus on exactly what it is that you want. Most of us have practiced focusing on everything we don’t want far too well and spend too much time in that space.


Eliminate the noise and stay focused on a systematic approach to get there, a measured, step by step plan to get to where you want to be.


Of course, her experience emigrating to Australia was key in discovering what approach works best. All of a sudden she was alone, having left a huge close extended family and friends behind, had to learn a new language and integrate into a new culture. Australia was a huge country,  she had no relatives around and her family had moved to an area where there was no one who spoke the same language as her. Her family also moved from city to city when they first immigrated and so she quickly had to learn to integrate and build a social structure of her own each time. She realised from a young age that if you dream, are a dedicated worker, and do things in a systematic way, focusing on your goals, you can achieve anything.


Not having the inbuilt social network and support  also made her realise that all you need is to have a vision, hold that vision and take inspired action with consistency to build all your dreams, in a fun, engaging and fulfilling way.


‘’Great leaders have vision, share vision, and inspire others to create their own.”

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


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