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The 100% Foolproof 6 Step Formula to help you make a shift to achieve what you really want.

People often ask me, “How do you do it? How do you stay so disciplined and how do you always seem to have a solution to everything?” They ask me, “Does anything seem too much for you? Do you ever feel stuck? How do you deal with being stuck?” The truth is, I don’t always know everything and in fact, there is so much that I don’t know.

But this I do know 100%, I will never let a goal go because I do not know how to do it, or the results don’t seem to be coming to me.  If I look at my results and I am not happy with them, then I know it’s something to do with how I am looking at it, how I am feeling and how I am reacting to my own internal feelings.

And…I have a foolproof formula that works every time that I’d love to share with you.  So, let’s keep it all very simple.  Ask yourself this, “Am I getting the results that I want?” If the answer is “no”, then follow these simple steps to help you ‘get unstuck’:

  1. Always focus on what you DO want and not on what you DON’T want.

Very often we think of reasons of why we can’t do something rather than what it is that we want.

  1. Write it out the way it is now – feelings and all.

Acknowledge how you are feeling and explain the results that you are getting right now.

  1. Write it out how you would like it to be – feelings and all.

This is the critical part! You know what you want and how you want it to be, so write down exactly how you want to feel, look, and be. What results do you want? Picture it all in your mind and then write it down.

  1. Take the way it is now and just burn it.

Burn it, rip it up, shred it or whatever else takes your fancy. This is very symbolic and so powerful. I love this step. With everything that you don’t want and that is no longer serving you, simply let it go.

  1. Keep the way you want it to be, and read it and write it down as often as possible.

You know what you want, how you want it to be and how you want to feel. So, read it to yourself and write it down as often as possible. The more stuck you feel, the more you should rewrite it and reread it. Our mind needs to know and believe what you want it to believe. The more you reinforce and repeat what you want, the more it will stick and come to be.

  1. Act as if.

Who you want to be and who you are is completely up to you. The person who you want to be, you can be today. This is one of the most powerful self-image tips you can follow. Be who you want to be today and just take action. The more you take action, the more your thoughts will follow.  And if you get scared – Do it anyway!


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