How To Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet

According to the 2023 Gallup Global Workplace Report, 67% of employees in Australia and NZ reported 'quiet quitting.'

Quiet quitting is a phenomenon that describes employees disengaging from their work and organisation’s goals without expressing their dissatisfaction. As businesses globally recover from COVID and navigate rising operating costs, quiet quitting is increasingly prevalent, significantly impacting overall business performance.

Employees are facing heightened pressure to perform with fewer resources, leading to longer working hours with no relief in sight.

Anecdotally, people in general are reporting that 2023 has been a particularly tough year. They’re saying that it’s gone by far too fast, and they don’t know what they’ve achieved this year, although they seemed to be working harder and longer hours. The global state of affairs compounds these challenges.

As a business owner or team member, it's crucial to reflect on your feelings.

Are you...

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The key to control?: Just let if flow

personal development May 11, 2022

Have you ever thought: “I wish I could control this” or “I wish things would go exactly how I want them to be”? We’ve all been there for sure, and I know it can be overwhelming to feel powerless when we want to help solve a situation or make things better for ourselves and the people we love. That’s why now, we’re going to explore in-depth what control is, how we can identify the things within our control, and what to do when we feel helpless.


Defining Control

Control: The power to influence or direct people's behaviour or the course of events.

Truth is, most people when they want something, they usually want to control what happens, when, why, how it manifests.

The reality of control is that we have to allow the flow to happen. So all we need to do is have a clearly defined goal so we can be laser-light focused. We can create an image in our minds and know what it is that we want and then, build the structure. Here are some questions...

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Overcoming stress & working through post lockdown with laser like focus.

personal development Oct 25, 2021

You can’t control what happens to you, but you can always control how you react.

The past 2 years have been unprecedented in Australia. Australia's bushfires may feel like a distant past, but we thought that would define 2020.  How wrong were we? That devastation was quickly replaced by COVID-19, and we experienced our 1st national 6-week lockdown.  It wasn’t easy and while business and people suffered, we worked out ways to connect virtually and there was an element of novelty to it.  

Once out of our first lockdown, most Australians went back to business semi-normal, apart from travel, and we all looked at those living in Melbourne and felt for them having to endure further lockdowns.  For the most part though, we felt we had kept the virus at bay and had bucked the global trend.  We watched the chaos and division from afar and congratulated ourselves for keeping it out of our country.  Until mid 2021 that is.

NSW and VIC were hit...

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Being the Maestro of Your High Performing Team

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to build a high performing team in your organisation? Or felt like it’s way out of your reach and control? Intellectually, we can all share opinions on how high performing teams are built and what great leaders look like. 

Opinions are a dime a dozen especially with social media these days, and leadership as a topic has become like any other national sport or pastime, with many people chiming in on their opinion, criticising current leadership frameworks and sharing what it needs to look like.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Everyone is entitled to share their opinion and thoughts and many people genuinely do this to help others. 

We do need to be aware though that it’s so much easier to look from the outside in and criticise, yet much harder to execute on and deliver results.  It takes a special type of someone to gently put to one side people’s opinions and criticism, and focus on truly...

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Build a Stellar Sales Team

In business, you are only as good as your sales team. Sales teams are a critical part of organisations, and how we view/treat our sales teams will determine how successful they are. Even one recruitment error can have negative impact on overall organisational results if this new team member fails to secure the lucrative contract the company was looking/budgeting for. On the positive side, a team full of A-players can catapult your revenue far beyond your projections.

Many companies struggle to build the dream team they want and that is usually the result of bad decisions, lack of experience, absence of clear processes and systems, as well as unclear expectations and communication.

Building a sales “dream team” begins during the recruiting process and continues throughout the employee lifecycle.

Here are some very simple first steps to take that will help build the sales team your business needs to make it to the next level:

  • Determine the type of team you need: 


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Create Balance, Focus, and Flow with Your Five-Year Goal Setting Plan

Goal setting and developing life plans. Something that we all naturally do but we all do it so differently at varying levels. 

Some people set a plan; others focus on short term goals… Having a written 5-year plan for your personal growth and life goals is such a powerful way to influence your future. You just need to ask yourself; do I want to create my life by design? Or do I want to have it created for me depending purely on circumstances? Do I want to create balance, focus, and flow? Or do I want chaos and noise take over while I hope for the best?

We all have some form of goals for our lives. How clear are they though, and how well thought through or planned are they? 

Often, most people set very general kind of wants without clarity, specific timelines, and measurements to pursue. Sometimes people do not even consider what they really want, why these goals are important to them, or even how long they should spend pursuing them!

So, if you don’t...

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Overcoming Obstacles in Your Career to Achieve Great Heights

personal development Aug 22, 2020

Building a career is a constant and never-ending process over a span of decades. We are always in a state of development, learning and growth.

It is a long journey that comes with many obstacles. All you have to do is understand where you are today and where you want to get to. Then all the obstacles in between become part of the learning process to get you to your desired destination.

Wherever you are in your professional career, the obstacles are a normal part of life. Expect them, embrace them, know what it is that you want and learn from the obstacles. 

Here are just 6 common obstacles that you may encounter in your career and ways to turn these into professional successes. Every obstacle is a potential step closer to your goal and you have to experience the contrast to help you grow along the way. It’s in the contrast that you allow yourself to work out what you like and don’t like. What you want and don’t want. Contrast is there to get you one...

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It's all a Matter of Perspective

personal development Jun 08, 2020
  • Everything is a matter of perspective.
  • Before you judge someone or any situation, you must walk in their shoes. Love, kindness and forgiveness come only when we are able to ask ourselves the big questions.
  • If you are looking at a situation, an event or a person and you are 100% sure it is wrong, they are wrong, and you are right for what you believe is 100% true, then you may not be asking the right questions. You may be looking at the situation, the event, the person from a very narrow perspective.
  • Here are just some questions I ask myself in any given situation that is not comfortable for me and I feel I am judging.
  • - Are my current thoughts coming from a place of Love or Fear (We only have two real emotions..)?

- How can I look at this from a different angle?

- What would I do if this happened to me?

- How would I feel if it happened to me or a loved one?

- What do I really want the outcome to be?

- What do I need to do, and how do I need to behave to help me/us reach the...

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Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

personal development Dec 18, 2019

Goodbye 2019, we are about to part ways.

We are just about to wrap up a great year. 2019 has brought us new adventures, new memories and lots of lessons learnt. We would like to be thankful for everything we have lived this year. Everything we experienced was great learning to take us into 2020 and beyond. If we see everything as an experience, an opportunity for us to learn and remove the bias of it being good or bad, how much more powerful would that be?

Yet so many of us are worriers, and we take things so personally based on our own bias. Life moves quickly, and a lot of the time it may feel like we can barely keep up. Things sometimes don’t go our way, and we internalize those experiences and see them as negative.

The daily changes and sweeping calendars leave our heads buzzing with thoughts and feelings of concern on practically a minute-by-minute basis. Sometimes it’s the small day-to-day things like, “Did I remember to lock the door before I left the...

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Stop Complaining and Start Embracing and Learning From your Mistakes.

personal development Nov 27, 2019

So here is the great news.  We all make mistakes. No one has never not made a mistake, and continues to throughout their entire life. Mistakes are unavoidable and they don’t have to be seen as a negative.  So, if mistakes are unavoidable we should accept them and take steps to learn from them. Instead of repeating them, we gain valuable wisdom that will help us in the future.

Here are five ways to learn from our mistakes:

1.    Admit Your Mistakes

You may have been conditioned during childhood to hide your mistakes to avoid criticism, judgement or embarrassment. On the surface, this may make you feel a little better initially. However, below the surface, the mistake you made could eat you up with guilt and work its way to loss of confidence and self-esteem. 

When you make a mistake, psychologically the best thing for you to do is to admit to it, take full responsibility, and then move on to resolve the mistake. Not only will this gain the respect...

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