It's all a Matter of Perspective

personal development Jun 08, 2020
  • Everything is a matter of perspective.
  • Before you judge someone or any situation, you must walk in their shoes. Love, kindness and forgiveness come only when we are able to ask ourselves the big questions.
  • If you are looking at a situation, an event or a person and you are 100% sure it is wrong, they are wrong, and you are right for what you believe is 100% true, then you may not be asking the right questions. You may be looking at the situation, the event, the person from a very narrow perspective.
  • Here are just some questions I ask myself in any given situation that is not comfortable for me and I feel I am judging.
  • - Are my current thoughts coming from a place of Love or Fear (We only have two real emotions..)?

- How can I look at this from a different angle?

- What would I do if this happened to me?

- How would I feel if it happened to me or a loved one?

- What do I really want the outcome to be?

- What do I need to do, and how do I need to behave to help me/us reach the desired outcome?

- How do I accept, forgive, and take the good out of each situation?

  • This is not a coward way out but rather it’s about taking a strong stand, showing kindness and spreading love. Otherwise, we will always keep creating things we don’t want over and over and over again. And this has a ripple effect globally. Acknowledgment, forgiveness, love, tolerance, kindness is the only real way to create new strong long-lasting models.
  • It took Nelson Mandela 27 years in isolation to learn all of this and show love, kindness and forgiveness for past events. He was not a weak person but rather one of the strongest people in history. What can we learn from that? What questions do we each need to ask ourselves?
  • When will we stop and reflect on what it is that we really want? Hate does not bring peace. Love does. Anger does not bring harmony and acceptance. Love does. The judgment does not solve problems. Understanding does.
  • We are all the same and deep down want the same things. We just need to stop choosing fear and lack and start to believe there is more than enough for all. While we have our differences, we can live in peace and in abundance. We need to stop being scared of losing because we think we must “give” something up. The only things we will be giving up and losing are hatred, fear, arrogance and ignorance. Good riddance to all that anyway. These things have not served us well. Just because it’s all we have known, it does not mean we can not change one person at a time. 
  • The first step is to stop and walk in their shoes. It does not matter what side you are on. Just walk in their shoes and see what it feels like before making a judgement. Sending you all love and peace be with us all on equal terms globally.

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