The Reem behind the dreem

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2017

Reem has always expressed that she had the most beautiful childhood and has the best memories, despite growing up in a culture of religious and ethnic segregation. Politics played very heavily around her and it was a case of have and ‘have nots’, oppressor and oppressed. All disguised and masked, nothing ever appeared as it really was. She recalls how everyone around her had an opinion, everyone believed their view was right and it was always fiercely black and white.

Reem’s mother worked with people from all communities, of all religions and from many varied ethnic backgrounds, so she grew to love many amazing people who had overcome so many hardships in life. From people who had been imprisoned for political reasons, to young kids who had lost limbs and eyesight in mine fields, to people who survived some horrendous conditions during World War II and had rebuilt their lives to become successful and influential public figures. She knew that everyone had a story to tell and that each person had overcome adversity beyond what the average mind could fathom.

Reem also moved around a lot as a child, from country to country, city to city, from one school to another and as a result, she never felt as though she truly belonged in any one place. Reem often felt that he needed to justify who she was and prove her worth. She also felt like she had to jump through invisible hoops to be accepted each time, overcoming cultural and gender expectations as she learnt to forge her way through her new surroundings. As she learnt to adapt and integrate quickly into new environments, Reem did eventually come to realise that she was one of the fortunate people who belonged everywhere. From that point, Reem found her love for people from all walks of life because she understood that when you peel back the layers, we are all the same and there is beauty in every single corner of the world.

Reem wholeheartedly believes, regardless of past or present circumstances, that each one of us has so much potential, so much to give, and we are all looking to belong. So, when you bring a group of people together and work with them to realise their full potential, beautiful things happen and amazing results unfold.

After University, Reem loved the idea of working with and building teams, and after 20 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry working with three of the largest global organisations, in a variety of Senior Sales, Marketing and Training roles, she found herself embarking on her own dream, with dreem Consulting. Her passion is to help individuals from all walks of life, as well as businesses from around the globe, to find their true calling and to realise their full potential. Reem believes that we all have a choice to either live our most desired dream or to simply settle. It’s as easy as making a decision and then putting the wheels into motion. Each of us has the ability to remove all and every self-inflicted barrier to find our “why”, our happiness and our success.


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