Understanding The Impact of Other People’s Emotions

Every high-performing team is made up of individuals who are driven towards a common set of ambitious goals. The attempt to achieve substantial goals requires substantial input and commitment from all team members, starting at the very top. There are a number of uncontrollable variables that can put a stop to progress in any team, and one of the most common that I come across is the inability to manage emotions, leading to conflict that is not constructive in the workplace and stopping productivity in its tracks.

Your team members aren’t robots, they are delicate human beings that need to be nurtured to help achieve success, and it starts with mastering emotions. Emotional management involves recognising and understanding emotions in yourself and others and navigating how to direct this effectively.

For the self, emotional management is the ability to accept and acknowledge that first of all, you have feelings; second of all, it’s normal for those feelings to change. Our...

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