How to create a healthy working environment

growth Jun 06, 2019

A healthy working environment is essential for fostering increased productivity, happier employees, lower absenteeism and all-round wellbeing of the business. The good news is that it’s neither hard nor expensive to make some small changes that will have a great and immediate impact.

Here are some simple steps to help guide you:

1. Promote a work-life fit.

The term more commonly known as work-life balance may be a myth.  Work-life balance implies that you divide personal and work related tasks equally.  Calling it work-life fit allows people to “see the possibilities, instead of focusing on what they can’t have.” –  According to work culture strategist Cali Yost.

Regardless of how you view it, praising those who arrive early and work late, or expecting them to work from home in the evenings, hurts your company in the long run. Without a healthy work-life fit, productivity is likely to decline, and employees may end up suffering from burn...

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Scary & Audacious Goals

growth Feb 06, 2019

We read so much about goals and the purpose of goals but it’s estimated that up to 97% of us don’t have real goals set for ourselves in our personal life. So, let’s explore this a little bit…

Firstly, what is the difference between a scary, audacious goal and just your every day run of the mill goal? How can you tell if a goal is one or the other and which one is better to set? What is the real purpose of a goal and what happens if we don’t have any goals set?

There are three types of goals:

  1. Goals that we can achieve with our eyes closed.
  2. Goals we think we can achieve with a bit of work.
  3. Goals that we only dream about and have no idea how to achieve them.

The third type of goal is those that dreams and fantasies are made of. Most of us, when we think of those big dream goals, tend to quickly push them aside

As kids we are so good at imagining, dreaming and picturing the impossible. Then, for whatever reason, as we grow up we start to...

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Thoughtful Thoughtsā€¦

growth Mar 05, 2018

The choice is always yours about what you think.

In 2005, the National Science Foundation published some results of a study it conducted on the average number of thoughts we have per day.

Their research suggested that each person has an average of 60,000 thoughts a day. Now if you look at other studies, this figure can be anywhere between 50,000 to 85,000. So, as an approximation let’s take 60,000 as being the figure.

That’s one thought per second in every waking hour. What was also found was that of this 60,000 thoughts per day,  95% are the same thoughts repeated every day. So every day we churn through the exact same thoughts over and over, and over again. To take it one step further, on average this same study found that 80% of those habitual thoughts are negative. Now that last figure is really, really scary!  80% of our repeated daily thoughts are geared towards the negative. Given that we know that we become what we think about all day long, that would...

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Life is but a Journey of Learning

The 3 most powerful tips to help you to move forward and keep winning.

They often say that failure is the best way to learn and is also vital for our overall growth. Without failure there is no success. Without the downs, there are no ups. Without the rejections, there is no appreciation of the wins. We have to experience conflict, challenges, rejection and loss to appreciate all of the great things in life and to learn how to help get ourselves to greater heights. I have spent so many years in the corporate world and have always had my eye on the prize and on my goal. I have loved my career, my new ventures and all of the challenges to get there. But along the way there were so many hurdles and so many obstacles thrown my way. And no one is immune to the falls, the conflict, and the supposed failures.

In my work with teams, I am often asked, so…”How do you get over the challenges? How do you not hold grudges? How do you move...

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The True Cost of Worry

growth leadership Feb 19, 2018

How heavy is the weight of worry on your shoulders?

People worry. We all worry. A small amount of worry or concern is actually healthy. It can really motivate us to get into action and it can protect us from harm. It all goes back to our primitive times where worry kept us alert and helped us survive. We had to be alert and our minds were designed to protect us from predators and danger. It helped us with our flight or fight instinct. But what happens when we allow our mind to constantly worry? Day in and day out we allow our mind to only react to situations, be consumed by fear and worry about the dreaded “what ifs”.

According to the Daily Mail in the UK in 2008, a survey of 2,000 people suggested that we spend a total of 6.5 years worrying, on average. That is a staggering amount of time! I’m just going to put it out there – worry is one of the most disruptive and destructive emotions we possess and if we are not...

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