How To Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet

According to the 2023 Gallup Global Workplace Report, 67% of employees in Australia and NZ reported 'quiet quitting.'

Quiet quitting is a phenomenon that describes employees disengaging from their work and organisation’s goals without expressing their dissatisfaction. As businesses globally recover from COVID and navigate rising operating costs, quiet quitting is increasingly prevalent, significantly impacting overall business performance.

Employees are facing heightened pressure to perform with fewer resources, leading to longer working hours with no relief in sight.

Anecdotally, people in general are reporting that 2023 has been a particularly tough year. They’re saying that it’s gone by far too fast, and they don’t know what they’ve achieved this year, although they seemed to be working harder and longer hours. The global state of affairs compounds these challenges.

As a business owner or team member, it's crucial to reflect on your feelings.

Are you...

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The Importance of a Growth Mindset in Business Performance

In today's business world, it is more fast paced than it ever has been. That’s why consistently achieving high performance is less of a vague goal, and more of a need in order to succeed. However, many top-level professionals focus solely on strategies and tactics, and don’t consider one of the most important factors in high performance: mindset. Mindset plays a crucial role in creating not just success, but continual improvement that pays dividends long term. 

As a human performance specialist, I’ve seen first-hand the importance of mindset in business performance, and this article will explore how you can make the switch to help you achieve bigger and better goals. 

It's important to understand that mindset is not just about positive thinking. While a positive attitude can certainly help, mindset is about understanding and managing the entirety of both your thoughts and beliefs in order to achieve your desired outcomes. When it comes to business...

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Increased profit opportunities through new products

An article released by Reem Borrows on the ‘Top five challenges facing Australian Pharmacy Owners in 2022’ is honest and accurate. It is easy to see challenges looking from the outside in, but when you are in the thick of it, it can be hard to see the ‘mistakes’ taking place, day in and day out – but think of the advantages you could have by taking a moment to look at your business from a new perspective.

Let’s look at challenge number two that Reem outlined:

‘Not identifying profit opportunities’

Let’s double down and look at this concerning new products and category management. It is easy to dismiss new products and sideline category management. You have so many other things to do. Categories seem to be going okay, sales are fine, but could they be better, and what about customer satisfaction? Do you offer unique products, innovative products, and products that help address common healthcare concerns? New products are often...

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The top five challenges Australian Pharmacy Owners are facing in 2022

growth leadership Jun 25, 2022

As a pharmacy owner, you are used to striving for perfection in everything you do on a daily basis, both in what you do and what you expect of your team. High expectations are important in this industry as people depend on you when it comes to better health care outcomes for themselves and their families.

It has been exceptionally busy, and the demands have been high of you and your team over the past three years. There is a shortage of staff, and the threat of burnout is real.  Right now, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of your schedule and lose the ability to focus on where you can improve in your business.  To help highlight some of the areas that could be looked at in Pharmacy here are five of the biggest personal challenges that have been identified across the industry right now. Please note, we are first looking at challenges that are within our control to curtail and benefit long term from in a quick and succinct manner.

1. Lack of planning and being...

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Unconditional love and you

growth Feb 18, 2022


When you hear the words unconditional love, what comes to mind? How can you practice unconditional love towards yourself?

 Let's reflect on a few things, unconditional love and how you treat yourself. How often have you observed yourself treating other people differently than the way you treat yourself? What do you say to yourself? Are you as forgiving with yourself as you are with others?


From all the work I have done with people I have realised it's an observation exercise and realization, this is incredible and eye opening but it's a beautiful journey all the same.

We often say things to ourselves that we would never ever say to other people, for example - whenever you make a mistake you say things to yourself like; I will never get it right, I knew it wouldnt work, how dumb am I, I am ugly, I am useless. 

Now imagine saying that to someone you love. It seems cruel, unkind, right? There are things we say to ourselves that we would never dare to say to...

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The (not so) Secret Formula to Greater Team Performance

growth Dec 16, 2021

In the world of sales, your business results are tied hand-in-hand with how your team performs to best meet your customer’s needs. Without strong team performance, you won’t be able to have strong sales results. So, if you want to reach those high and lofty sales goals by the end of the fiscal year, you need to reevaluate your sales team performance by first looking at the leadership of that team to boost those end-of-year sales.

To accomplish this and turn your sales team into a lean, mean sales producing team that works like a finely tuned machine, we need to discuss the (not so) secret formula to creating this better team performance, for which your customers will thank you.

  • Authentic Leadership: A good team is full of authentic people, but a great team starts with the authenticity of its leader. Read that again. It is a well-known secret that if you want to have a great team, then you need to have great leadership.


Everything starts and ends with leadership....

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Being the Maestro of Your High Performing Team

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to build a high performing team in your organisation? Or felt like it’s way out of your reach and control? Intellectually, we can all share opinions on how high performing teams are built and what great leaders look like. 

Opinions are a dime a dozen especially with social media these days, and leadership as a topic has become like any other national sport or pastime, with many people chiming in on their opinion, criticising current leadership frameworks and sharing what it needs to look like.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Everyone is entitled to share their opinion and thoughts and many people genuinely do this to help others. 

We do need to be aware though that it’s so much easier to look from the outside in and criticise, yet much harder to execute on and deliver results.  It takes a special type of someone to gently put to one side people’s opinions and criticism, and focus on truly...

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Build a Stellar Sales Team

In business, you are only as good as your sales team. Sales teams are a critical part of organisations, and how we view/treat our sales teams will determine how successful they are. Even one recruitment error can have negative impact on overall organisational results if this new team member fails to secure the lucrative contract the company was looking/budgeting for. On the positive side, a team full of A-players can catapult your revenue far beyond your projections.

Many companies struggle to build the dream team they want and that is usually the result of bad decisions, lack of experience, absence of clear processes and systems, as well as unclear expectations and communication.

Building a sales “dream team” begins during the recruiting process and continues throughout the employee lifecycle.

Here are some very simple first steps to take that will help build the sales team your business needs to make it to the next level:

  • Determine the type of team you need: 


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Human Performance Coach - Keynote Speaker

growth leadership Aug 26, 2021
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Create Balance, Focus, and Flow with Your Five-Year Goal Setting Plan

Goal setting and developing life plans. Something that we all naturally do but we all do it so differently at varying levels. 

Some people set a plan; others focus on short term goals… Having a written 5-year plan for your personal growth and life goals is such a powerful way to influence your future. You just need to ask yourself; do I want to create my life by design? Or do I want to have it created for me depending purely on circumstances? Do I want to create balance, focus, and flow? Or do I want chaos and noise take over while I hope for the best?

We all have some form of goals for our lives. How clear are they though, and how well thought through or planned are they? 

Often, most people set very general kind of wants without clarity, specific timelines, and measurements to pursue. Sometimes people do not even consider what they really want, why these goals are important to them, or even how long they should spend pursuing them!

So, if you don’t...

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