How To Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet

According to the 2023 Gallup Global Workplace Report, 67% of employees in Australia and NZ reported 'quiet quitting.'

Quiet quitting is a phenomenon that describes employees disengaging from their work and organisation’s goals without expressing their dissatisfaction. As businesses globally recover from COVID and navigate rising operating costs, quiet quitting is increasingly prevalent, significantly impacting overall business performance.

Employees are facing heightened pressure to perform with fewer resources, leading to longer working hours with no relief in sight.

Anecdotally, people in general are reporting that 2023 has been a particularly tough year. They’re saying that it’s gone by far too fast, and they don’t know what they’ve achieved this year, although they seemed to be working harder and longer hours. The global state of affairs compounds these challenges.

As a business owner or team member, it's crucial to reflect on your feelings.

Are you satisfied with your progress this year?

Do you feel the year passed by in a blur, unsure of your accomplishments?

Are your 2023 resolutions distant dreams?

If distractions like excessive social media scrolling, prolonged TV watching, or smartphone gaming addiction resonate with you, these could be signs you’re quietly quitting your aspirations for 2023.

The journey to make 2024 your best year requires more than a New Year’s Resolution; it demands a deep personal connection to your vision and goals. At Dreem Coaching and Consulting, we recognise the importance of aligning personal aspirations with a strategic framework comprising purpose, measurable goals, and heartfelt values.

The Dreem pillars of growth assist individuals in crafting a vision they are emotionally attached to, setting measurable goals, and embracing core values for guidance.

A Personal Vision That Motivates and Inspires

Success centres around a vision beyond the ordinary – one that motivates and inspires. We encourage individuals to dream limitlessly, creating a vision emotionally connected to their driving force, guiding every decision and action.

Values to Live By

A personal moral compass or set of values, often unnoticed, guide daily decisions and actions. We help individuals define values aligned with visualised goal achievements, building resilience and trust for long-term success.

Personal Goals - The Measure of Success

Creating a strategic plan starts with deeply meaningful goals. We break them down into SMART initiatives—specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound benchmarks, making success an enjoyable journey with tangible milestones.

Prioritising Emotional Management - Navigating the Personal Journey

Success requires emotional management and consistency. Emotional management focuses on goal-oriented focus, resilience, and qualities such as patience and discipline. We provide mindset tools to navigate life's challenges, strengthening emotional intelligence.

Establishing an Effective Operating Rhythm:

Consistency, the second element needed for success, is embedded through a strong operating rhythm. Individuals need an effective rhythm for growth and change, setting the foundation for success with structure and order.

Embracing a goal that motivates, taking inspired actions, living by core values, managing emotions effectively, and adopting the right operating rhythm enhance the journey to success with balance, focus, and flow.

Dreem offers a six-session live coaching program to build your vision and provide the tools for realisation.

If you seek a partner for your journey to long-term growth, reach out to us at [email protected].

Let's connect and go on a journey together to create a vision of 2024 you'll fall in love with, developing your leadership, resilience, emotional management, and more for lasting success.

Here’s to your success,
Reem and the Dreem Team.


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