5 tips to end the year and start 2023 on a high

Goodbye 2022, let’s end the year off in the right way.

We are just about to wrap up a great year. Albeit a very challenging one. 2022 has brought us new adventures, new memories and lots of lessons learnt as we create a new way of working and being post-COVID.  

If you speak to anyone, they will tell you it feels a lot more difficult to do or organise things that used to be simple.  Anything from shopping to delivery, banking to travel, finding suppliers to processes and systems required feels a lot harder and more time consuming these days. Finding and keeping good staff feels near impossible. Add in the rise in general costs, and that people are stretched and less patient than in the past. Life is hard at the moment, so how do we manage it and move through life with ease and grace?

Imagine the power in seeing everything we are experiencing as great learning to take with us into 2023 and beyond. If we see everything as an opportunity for us to learn and remove...

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Increased profit opportunities through new products

An article released by Reem Borrows on the ‘Top five challenges facing Australian Pharmacy Owners in 2022’ is honest and accurate. It is easy to see challenges looking from the outside in, but when you are in the thick of it, it can be hard to see the ‘mistakes’ taking place, day in and day out – but think of the advantages you could have by taking a moment to look at your business from a new perspective.

Let’s look at challenge number two that Reem outlined:

‘Not identifying profit opportunities’

Let’s double down and look at this concerning new products and category management. It is easy to dismiss new products and sideline category management. You have so many other things to do. Categories seem to be going okay, sales are fine, but could they be better, and what about customer satisfaction? Do you offer unique products, innovative products, and products that help address common healthcare concerns? New products are often...

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